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Pirate Slash

Pirate Slash!
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All Members , Moderated
A community desgined to share stories, graphics or videos depicting the m/m or f/f pairings from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. This community is for the FICTIONAL pairings. There is a separate community for Pirates of the Caribbean Real Person Slash. You may find it at potcrps

NOTE: The creators of this community do not claim any involvement in any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, nor with Disney itself. Pirates of the Caribbean is trademarked by the Walt Disney Corporation. The characters are property of Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. Anything published in this community is done so for the purpose of entertainment, not profit.

The Rules:
1. Do not spam or promote other communities which have nothing to do with PotC or PotC slash. Your entry will be deleted.
2. All entries should have something to do with Pirates of the Caribbean or Pirates of the Caribbean slash. OT posts will be deleted. If you're not sure, ask.
3. Story/Graphic/Video ratings and disclaimers MUST PROCEED ALL ENTRIES OF SUCH MATERIAL.
4. Stories longer than 200 words and ALL graphics must go behind a Livejournal cut. [lj-cut text=" .... "] (Replace [ ] with < >.) The exception to the graphics rule is THREE ICON TEASER for icon posts.
5. Anything rated R or NC-17 must go behind a Livejournal cut.

That's all! Have fun, be kind, produce much slash!

Jack and the Monkey layout made by crownedlily.