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New Comms Seeking Members & Affiliates - Pirate Slash

About New Comms Seeking Members & Affiliates

Previous Entry New Comms Seeking Members & Affiliates Apr. 21st, 2011 @ 02:06 pm Next Entry
She stands atop Mount Olympus, Blessing us all with Her love and connecting soul mates across all the realms of all the worlds, but always there are those couplings to whom we become especially attached.  Whether those pairings are het, slash, femme slash, multi, or animal/animal, there's a place for them all at Aphrodite's Blessings as we come together to celebrate the loving couples we love with four challenges a month, four starring couples a month, fan creations spawned by those challenges, and games for all the starring couples.  We're brand new but hope to be big as we celebrate the greatest power of them all, True Love!

Then there's XDisneyDreamers, hosting a weekly challenge and welcoming everything Disney, DreamWorks, and/or X-Men.

Both comms are actively seeking new members with wide, open arms to all tastes and also searching for affiliates.  If interested, please come by and check us out or drop me a line.  Thank you!
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