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Captain's Loving Orders (PotC; Wick; PG-13) - Pirate Slash

About Captain's Loving Orders (PotC; Wick; PG-13)

Previous Entry Captain's Loving Orders (PotC; Wick; PG-13) Apr. 14th, 2011 @ 09:02 pm Next Entry
Title: "Captain's Loving Orders"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack makes a decision that will forever both change and better his love with Will.
Warnings: Slash, Established Relationship, AU
Word Count: 521
Date Written: 9 December, 2011
Disclaimer: Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, all other characters mentioned within, the Black Pearl, and Pirates of the Caribbean are © & TM Disney, not the author; are used without permission; and may not be used without permission. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

        Brown eyes blinked wearily open as the morning sunlight began to filter into the cabin. The men, whose glistening, naked bodies were wrapped together and to whom the eyes belonged, could sooner stop their need for air with but a thought than they could cease to love each other. Their times spent intimately together were far too short and rare, and these mornings of having to part were taking their toll on both men. Yet it had to be done, Will knew, for his beloved Jack would lose all respect in his crew's eyes if ever their wondrous, infinite love for each other was to be discovered, and so, stifling a yawn lest the sound wake his sweetheart, he slipped from the bed.

        Or rather began to do so for, no sooner did he begin to move, than he was stopped by a tanned, calloused hand that was nothing but gentle with the former blacksmith. "Don' go," Jack whispered. "Stay."

        Will smiled, sadness intermingling in his lips' gesture. Jack had tried to pull him back many times in his sleep, but they both knew what had to be done. He lifted his hand to his mouth and kissed his fingertips, knuckles, and the back of his hand before laying it once more against his side. His brown eyes widened, however, as, for the first time in their blessed romance, Jack tightened his grip and looked at him in the early morning light. "I said don't go," the sleepy Pirate whispered. "Stay. Capt'n's orders."

        "Jack -- " Will started. " -- love -- "

        "Screw 'em." Will's eyebrows rose. Jack shrugged. "They don't like it, they can bugger off. My ship, my rules. I'm tired o' livin' by their damn standards. Screw 'em!"

        "But, Jack, darling, they're your crew, your people."

        "An' you're me man," Jack stated firmly, bringing Will's hand to his mouth and beginning to rain loving kisses upon his hand, tracing again the pattern he had used upon his own hand, "me partner, an' me luv. They don't like it, they can go straight to Davy Jones' locker."

        Will shivered at the associated memories, but those shivers soon transformed into delightful trembles at his beloved Captain's sweet, heated administrations of both lips and tongue. "Are you sure?"

        "Only ever bein' surer o' one thing in me whole life, luv, an' that's that I love ye." He kissed him, and the deal was set.


        Several hours later, the couple edged out of their cabin. Will gulped as all the other Pirates turned as one to look at them. To his amazement, grins split their faces. The parrot waved his wings and cooed, "Love!" Gibbs shook first his and then Jack's hand, and Will almost fell over when Anamaria struck his back with her hand in a congratulatory slap.

        It was Gibbs who spoke for the entire ship. "It's 'bout time, bois."

        Jack grinned, his gold tooth winking in the afternoon sunlight, and then pulled Will to him in a tight, one-armed hug. Then, before his soul mate even knew what was happening, Jack dipped him and kissed him passionately to joyous shouts from all the crew members.


The End
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