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The Stars That Lead Home (PotC; Wick; G) - Pirate Slash

About The Stars That Lead Home (PotC; Wick; G)

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Title: "The Stars That Lead Home"
Author: Pirate Turner
Dedicated To: My light, star, home, and life, my beloved Jack
Rating: G
Summary: Captain Jack Sparrow and his beloved Will Turner have finally found their stars, and their homes, right here in each other arms' where they belong.
Warnings: Slash, Established Relationship, Drabbleish
Word Count: 362
Date Written: 12 March, 2011
Challenge: Written for the 11 March 2011 weekly challenge for the XDisneyDreamers LJ comm
Disclaimer: Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Pirates of the Caribbean are © & TM Disney, not the author; are used without permission; and may not be used without permission. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

        "An' so it's always been by their lights," Jack concluded, his gold tooth shining in the shadows, "that I've found me way home." When Will still did not answer him, Jack realized that he had been prattling again and fell silent. Turning on his elbow, he gazed concernedly at his love and then blinked in surprise when he found Will's deep, brown eyes gazing at him like two limpid pools of the richest chocolate. "Will?" he queried, his mustache twitching.

        Will smiled his reassurance to his soul mate and leaned closer. Running a loving hand over Jack's delicate facial features, he told him, "It's okay, sweetheart. It's just . . . " He paused, his muscular shoulders lifting in a rolling shrug. "I've no need for stars to light my way home." His fingers played over Jack's rum-kissed lips. "I'm already home with you, and I'm never leaving your side again, my beloved Captain."

        "Good," Jack acknowledged, his lips curling up into a large smile underneath Will's tingling fingertips.

        Besides," Will added, bringing his own mouth to within a tantalizing inch of Jack's, "I've already got the most beautiful star, the only one who can outshine all the others throughout the Heavens, right here in my arms." He pulled Jack closer then and replaced his fingers with his lips, kissing him soundly and deeply and showing him far more with his actions than his mere words just how much he would always love his beloved Captain Jack alone throughout the end of time itself and forever after.

        All their lives, the Pirates had been searching for the homes they'd missed growing up. They'd made due with a ship and a blacksmith's forgery, but now, in each other's strong, loving arms, they had finally found what they were missing in one another. The stars stretched out before them where they laid upon the top of Jack's cabin, but they had no further need for the stars save for those of love that dazzled in each other's eyes. They were home, and that's exactly where they would stay, happy together, thoroughly in love, and at home with each other, for all eternity and infinitely beyond.


The End
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Date:August 16th, 2011 08:24 am (UTC)
awwwwww.... *melts into warm puddle of goo*
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Date:August 17th, 2011 05:03 am (UTC)
Glad to have made ye melt, matey.
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